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Lingual Braces

Hide your braces, not your smile!

What are Lingual Braces

What are Lingual Braces

smileBraces fitted behind the teeth are described as lingual, from lingua, the Latin word for tongue.
Lingual braces is a revolutionary approach to orthodontics and it suit those patients who want teeth-straightening to improve their smile and bite but DON’T want to be seen in braces.

Actors, media personalities, newscasters, models – people who are expected to look perfect or otherwise do something about it, but discreetly! However, lingual braces can be fitted on anyone’s teeth regardless of his/her age or profession.

However, the mechanics of lingual braces differ from regular braces and very few people have the expertise of lingual braces. So be careful before you choose your lingual orthodontist.

Why Lingual Braces

Why Lingual Braces

When most people think of beautifying their smile they assume they will have to endure 1-2 years of unsightly braces. Not so with Lingual 0rthodontics! The braces are hidden behind the teeth.

The benefits of lingual braces are

  • Truly invisible braces. This will improve your image without compromising your job or self-esteem
  • You will look and feel your best even during treatment!

When brackets are fitted behind the teeth, instead of the front surfaces, the damage which can occur as a result of poor brushing during treatment is likely to be less severe, less frequent and less visible compared to regular braces.

Any concerns with crooked, protruding, inverted or overlapping teeth, or noticeable spaces can all be corrected

Many adults seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons. However many may seek treatment because of jaw pain, dysfunction, excessive wear or challenges with dental hygiene.

Whatever your goals, we will devise the treatment plan to achieve a beautiful smile with a healthy and balanced alignment of your teeth.

Why us for lingual braces
  • Dr. Anwar Shah has over 16 years experience using all types of orthodontic appliances while staying up to date with the most current advances in the field. He is dedicated to finding the best form of treatment to suit your individual needs and desired results.
  • Dr. Anwar Shah has a clinical training with Dr. Didier Fillion in Paris. Dr. Fillion has been practising lingual braces exclusively for the last 25 years and he is considered the world guru in lingual braces. He has been practising this before the advent of computerized lingual braces when only very few orthodontists were offering such services.

In addition Dr. Anwar Shah has attended course in lingual braces in Incognito lingual braces with Dr. Dirk Weichman in London, with Dr. Hiro in Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany and Dr. Rafi Romano in London who are all world experts in the field of lingual braces.


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